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Team up for a cause!

What types of fundraising do we do?

Spring Flowers

What we recommend:
Hanging Baskets!

Fewer choice make choosing simpler for your customers!

We will fill flower and hanging basket orders according to what is in good color when the order is pulled, sleeved, and racked for delivery. 


How much lead time do we need?

For retail customers, we need 5 days from receiving the order to delivery. 

We will coordinate the flower choices, dates, and details with you! 

Image by Sophie Coonen

Easter Flowers

Available March 10 - April 1, 2021

Throughout the Western New York region, Easter flowers will be available for your fundraiser!

We will work with you to set up your fundraiser, from the quantity of pots you think you'll sell to the delivery details and timeline. 

Final orders are due in by March 5, 2021 for the Easter season!

Missed this Easter season, contact us about spring flower fundraisers!

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Poinsettia fundraisers are a great way to earn money for schools, churches, businesses, charitable organizations, and sports teams. 

We grow the poinsettias and you sell them by taking orders and collecting the money. 

What we recommend: 6" or 6.5" pot size, minimum four bloom poinsettias, which are available in four colors. 

We will work with you to identify a target quantity to sell, delivery date, and sale details!

Contact us to set up your fundraiser!

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