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Together, we grow for tomorrow!

Starting in 2021,Kreher Family Farms and W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. joined together in a strategic alliance, combining Kreher's ability to provide value added products and services with Henry's premium quality fresh produce and floral product.

As a wholesale flower grower in the Western New York region, Kreher Family Farms and
W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. provide wholesale to the trade flowers and vegetables. 


Together, with similar values and ideals, Kreher Family Farms and W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. will provide healthy food options to more people in more places.

About Kreher Family Farms 

The Kreher family has been farming since 1924.  Today, the third and fourth generation continues the family farming tradition along with over 300 team members across their egg farms, crop farms, and compost and fertilizer operations.  The farm produces over 600,000,000 eggs each year and grows over 5,000 acres of crops to serve customers throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and into the Southeast and Midwest. 

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About W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. 

W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc. has been growing fresh produce and flowers for over 130 years.  Originally established in 1888, the business is currently managed by members of the fourth and fifth generations of the Henry family.  Although the business has evolved over the years, the traditions of family farming remain the same – providing safe, fresh produce and eye-catching flowers to our customers and communities.   

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